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Why clients choose Paramasa?


We are not associated with Banks , Insurance companies , Asset Management Companies or any other Financial Intermediaries

Which Means our Advice is Unbiased  and Focused on what is best and right for for you 

We are a Fee-only Advisory and works only for you , This means that we suggest product which works for you 



We are an Independent Advisory Firm and we are not selling any financial products also we are not associated with any banks and other investment Intermediaries. Which means we are independent to suggest products and solutions based on our research and not based on the liking of the product sellers


We believe that Personal Finance Advisory is a very personalized service which has to be customized according to client specific requirements and financial situation.
So that is the reason we have a Boutique Advisory Structure not a corporate like structure where junior financial planners or Relationship managers will interact or make your plan.
In the Boutique Structure only the Principal Founder Gursimran Singh will have one to one discussion and will create plan for you also will help in implementation , progress and review of the plan because we believe that your hard earned money only deserves the Best


Your money starts earning from day 1 of our engagement because based on our research and Analytics we recommended products which works for you not for the product sellers , also we are flat fee advisory and gives unbiased advice and you also save huge commissions which goes as much as 3% of your assets.


As per Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI) regulation , Only Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) which is SEBI RIA are authorized to give Fee only advice in India.
Gursimran Singh is a registered with SEBI as RIA . it is only after satisfying stringent guidelines on Education , Experience , Financial Networth and the Interview by the Governing body the licence is granted


We follow Fiduciary Standard which is a gold standard in Financial Advisory world wide and which is pure form of advisory.
This mean we gives advice which works for you and which is in your best Interest and also unbiased and commission Free !!

We are an Independent Financial Advisory who follows fiduciary Gold standard and gives unbiased advice and charges flat fee and this is our only source of Revenue.

It “pays” to get engage with us as we only reccomend commission free products so you get the best of both world which is unbiased advice and products where you dont pay annual commission.

Recent Articles


Sumanth Dwarakanath
In a world which is full of social media financial ``advisors`` with personal agendas, I'm lucky to have found my financial 'Gur(u)'sirman. Gursirman helps me in separating wheat from chaff in a world cluttered with tens of asset classes and thousands of products. Gursirman and his team are attentive to both my needs & my point of views and provide financial advice that's suited to achieve my goals. Knowing that Paramasa Wealth Advisory follows a 'fee-only' model, I'm assured that there is no conflict of interest and that their recommendations would be in my best interests.

— Sumanth Dwarakanath

Beauzelle, France

Muthu Kannan
When I signed up to become a Paramasa customer, I didn't know what to expect. I was thinking of an all-or-nothing deal where either I have to do everything Paramasa asked me to do in exactly the way they prescribe or I need to stick 100% to my DIY plan. But what I actually got was a deal a lot more favourable than that. The Paramasa team has always answered my questions about how to think about certain asset classes, whether certain products were good for me, etc. I am still in the driver seat, but the Paramasa team sits right next to me and helps me navigate the complex financial landscape

— Muthu Kannan

Bengaluru, India

When it comes to personal finance, we were stuck in cycle of analysis/paralysis because there is too much information out there about long term planning. Gursimran and his team gave us the fee-only based service which assures us of impartial financial advice for investments in both India and the U.K.

— Rashmi Zilpe

Warwick, U.K.

I have selected you as my FP after a lot of research since I am myself very keen about learning the financial aspects of it, and to say the least about my decision I am very happy and convinced about being on the right track. I would highly recommend your services to all those who are seriously looking forward to long term wealth creation. Best wishes to you and your team.

— Dr. Smriti Choradia

Mumbai, India

My family has been working with Gursimran as an advisor for the last few years and it's been a fantastic experience. We needed someone who could look at our portfolio and guide us holistically. He's very knowledgeable about global options and always focused on not just giving you the answer but helping you understand the rationale and become a more informed investor. His team is very responsive and it's been very helpful to have someone to reach out to and get guidance.

— Neha Surana

Atlanta, USA

I must mention that it took more than 2 years to decide on a fee only advisor as I like to do my research before trusting someone with my hard earned money. I find him to be very knowledgeable, methodical and approachable.

— Vishwanath

Lucknow, India

Avinash Asuri
Gursimran Singh has immense knowledge on personal finance to make customized portfolios based on individual goals and risk capacity.
I would recommend Paramasa Wealth Advisory for building a goal-based portfolio starting from simple portfolio to building a diversified portfolio across geographies and across all asset classes (with a combination of active mutual funds, passive mutual funds, real estate and direct equity).

— Avinash Asuri

Bengaluru, India

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