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About Me

Know the Journey of your Wealth Adviser.

Hello My Name is
Gursimran Sinģh

I am Fee Only SEBI RIA or there is a other name which is “no commission” advisor.

I am alumnus of National Institute of Securities Management, IIM Calcutta and Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies

I have around 24 experience in Corporate sector managing operations for Fortune 500 companies like Hwelett Packard , Dell , Nielsen , Home Depot , Deutsche Bank , ICICI Bank and Minstry of Finance.
Investing and Personal Finance is my passion since my childhood days..I started my journey when I was 14 yrs old ..after school I use to go to my Dad ‘s office and use to work with his CA to manage my father treasury operations of Business..from past 26 yrs the love affair with stock markets is still going strong.
Initially I dont want to make this my career as I got discouraged by brokerage and commission led structure of the business which leads to miselling and taking unnecessary risks on the capital , so I moved to corporate sector.
2013 was a Eureka movement  year for me when SeBI came up with Registered investment advisor I am true believer that unbiased, Flat Fee advice is a True and Pure advice.
So I starting working towards my own financial that I can start my Fee only RIA Practice.
With my investment strategy and portfolio I was able to achieve my Financial Independence in 5 yrs..when means my passive income from my Portfolio was matching my Active Income from my Job
So technically I dont have to do the job to earn my living!!
Now my Endeavor is to spread the benefits of Fee only Advisory to everyone and bring awareness to investors on how to get financial advice which is unbiased,  commission Free and regulated as per SEBI regulations!

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The only person who will take care of the OLDER YOU someday

Why ParamAsa?

We believe in Transparency which means you get what you see!!

In most of the Advisory firm you either deal with relationship managers or para planners who have some experience and the Founder or Principal Advisor takes care of business expansion or Capturing Market share only.
We Follow the Boutique Advisory Model , which means we focus on quality of service not quantity.
All the calls regarding your financial queries will be taken by our Founder Gursimran Singh only
All your plans will be created by our Principal Founder only

None of your Financial Planning work will be outsource or delegated 

We Believe that Financial Advisory is not a Factory product which can be assembled in a same manner for everyone needs.

Financial Advisory is a very customized and specialized service as everyone has a different requirement needs.

What’s wrong if i am getting advice from Banks , Relationship Manager , Brokers , Mutual Fund Distributors or Insurance companies ?

The services offer by them are biased , are costly since their commissions and bonus come from your pockets and are not compliant with SEBI RIA what appears Free service.. can turn out to be very expensive as one wrong investment product can push back your goals by years !


They focused on selling products which are good in enhancing their commissions and revenue rather than enhancing your wealth or suggest products which works for you.
We are Flat fee advisory and our only source of income is from you and we are not associated with any product sellers


All product sellers have specific knowledge about their own products only..for ex for mutual funds you will go to distributors , brokers will give you stock specfic knowledge , insurance agents about insurance and CA only about TAX planning without holistic financial planning strategy you miss out on your goals and suffer financial by paying so many intermediaries.
On the other hand we give the centralized , tailor made and holistic solution to your financial worries

Impersonal and Temporary Relationship

When you are dealing with banks etc are dealing with employees basically whose main job is to complete their sales targets and its the floating population as they keep on changing the job and you again at the mercy of new relationship mgr etc.
With ParamAsa built a long term relationship who gives you customized and personalized solutions and as we are here to stay and guide you on your finances for life this is not another job for us.!!


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Let's make something great together

Let's make your life free from the clutches of financial worries.