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Services & Fees

Say Good Bye ! to Biased and Commission Led Fees ! and get introduced to Pure Financial Advisory Format.

We offer variety of Customized and Personalized Services based on your requirements to help you lead a life free from financial worries.

This is our Flagship Service in which detailed financial plan is created , it starts from understanding your current financial situation and requirements in our introduction call – Gathering and Reviewing your Financial Data – Doing Risk Assessment – Health Check up of your current Portfolio – identification and quantification of goals – Insurance Management – creating a initial blue print of your plan – Pre Plan Call – Creation of the full holistic Plan – Post Plan Call – Retainer Service for the whole year which involves constant reviews of the plan and my availability to support and guide you in your financial concerns.

We also offer specific need based Financial Planning services

  • Health Check up of currently portfolio
  • Specific Goal Based planning
  • Second opinion or review of existing financial plan
  • Divorce Specific Financial planning
  • Job loss or starting a business
  • Direct Stock portfolio Creation

We conduct our flagship program called “Saksham” to help people in managing their finances and also how to  safeguard themselves from Financial products miselling.


Financial therapy is the practice of helping people with how they think, feel and behave with money to improve their well-being, according to the Financial Therapy Association.

It is not at all about numbers , it is about thought.

Financial Therapy is typically an informal conversation clients have with us about habits and mindsets that might be interfering with their financial goals or causing happiness in their lives.

We have clients from all over the world ,..Majorly from USA , Europe , Dubai.
We cover

  • Creation of Fully consolidated Financial Plan
  • Portfolio Health Check up of your Finances
  • Quality of your Financial Goals
  • Inflation Protected your Goals and Finances
  • Risk Profiling
  • Product Research and Recommendation
  • Insurance Management and calculation of HLV (Human Live Value)
  • Recommendation of the Direct Platform form where you will save commissions
  • Taxation Consultancy
  • Real Estate Consultancy – (India)

To begin with, fees are NOT based on your net worth or income. It rather depends on the depth of the above service required by you, ranging from 10500 to 55,000 INR (Inclusive of taxes)

Per Hour Consultation Fee – 2500 to 3500

“Free” Advice is more Expensive than “Fee” Advice, Clients should be rest assured that advice which is given to them is unbiased , Fiduciary standard , transparent , SEBI Compliant , Free from any Hidden charges or commissions and backed by decades of Investing and Financial planning Experience of Gursimran Singh

Contact us for no-obligation introduction with Gursimran Singh to learn how you will benefit from our services.

We are not involved in financial product sales and are not affiliated with any financial institution. When investing in the products and solutions we recommend, you will be directly buying the financial products from companies thus saving your money which gets wasted in paying commissions.

We only act as your Wealth Advisor and our association is only with you.

Knowledge Sharing and Enhancing 

We believe in the concept that Knowledge gives best dividends.
Investing is a global business and we believe in being front runner in that
We invest both our time and energy in enhancing our knowledge so that our International and domestic clients portfolio gets benefited from our insights and accordingly achieve their life Goals

Wealth coaching with Haas School of Business Students – University of Berkely

Morgan Stanley Wealth MasterClass

With Financial Planners Association of San Francisco

WeWork Personal Finance Workshop – California

Let's make something great together

Let's make your life free from the clutches of financial worries.